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On March 6, 2017 Candidates Night was held at Pittsfield Elementary School Gym. This event was co-sponsored by the Greater Pittsfield Chamber of Commerce and Pitsfield Listens to allow residents of the town of Pittsfield to meet and ask questions of candidates for public office.  Over 50 residents of Pittsfield participated in a Roundtable session with candidates.  Seven tables were utilized, with individual candidates sitting at each of the seven tables. 


Re-Installed Chamber Sign



Christmas Celebration


We should all thank Andi Riel for all the work and effort she put in for this years 2016 Christmas Celebration.  A great deal of work was done in the organizing of the Childrens Store and the Christmas Tree Lighting and actilvities on December 3th.  Thank you Andi!



The Christmas Store-2017



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