Performance Automotive

MRP Manufacturing specializes in designing and fabricating performance mass air flow intake parts; MAF housings, weld-on flanges & related components across many makes & models of cars. Personalize your build with an MRP component and make your custom intake stand out from the crowd. Direct from the manufacturer pricing. Made in the US from start to finish!

Pocketbook Grips

Pocketbook grips in 4 bolt, 6 bolt and 9 bolt sizes made right here in the US.  These are utilized by utility companies and line-construction companies.  Comealong Grips for the pulling of wire up to an initial sag tension; self-contained unit no loose parts. Our clamps are modeled from industry standard. Clamp down bolts are peened so when opened for installation, flange nuts will not be lost.  Grips are custom bored to your cable needs. 

Contract Machining

MRP Manufacturing has been providing contract machining since 2003 serving customers ranging from first time inventors to billion dollar corporations. Small to medium production runs and prototype projects are our strengths. We have experience working with purchasers and engineers. Whether you are looking to bring your dreams to life or are looking for a new vendor, MRP is happy to provide you with a timely quote.

Our Facilities/Operations



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